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Caroline Sozzi, President
Columbia, South Carolina

Phone: (803) 790-7221

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Established in 2002, Florentine Gloves was created to provide affordable, elegant Italian kidskin gloves for Debutante Balls, Galas, and Bridal Events in the Southeast. Through positive references from Debutante Societies and happy clients, the company has experienced tremendous growth and now supplies gloves nationwide.

With memberships in The National Society of The Colonial Dames in South Carolina, The Columbia Ball, The Junior League, and The President's Council and Friends of Brookgreen Gardens, Florentine Glove founder, Caroline Sozzi, is uniquely aware of and informed about the formal wear needs of both Ladies and Gentlemen.

Importing directly from the manufacturer in Italy has enabled Florentine Gloves to eliminate the middleman expenses. Therefore, the company can offer prices considerably lower than you would find elsewhere. The workmanship of Florentine Gloves assures you that you are purchasing the highest quality glove for your event.

By maintaining a full supply of sizes, Florentine Gloves can provide immediate delivery and guarantees that you will be completely satisfied. We look forward to ensuring that your next social event fits like a glove.

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"What a find! Florentine Gloves helped me with my size, shipped my gloves and I had them the next day, in time for the Debutante Ball!"

"Thank you for answering the "call for gloves" with graciousness and speed. They are beautiful! You have reinforced the Southern Tradition of appropriate attire for formal occasions"

"Our entire Ball uses Florentine Gloves for our Debutantes, Escorts and Fathers Presenting"

"Thank you for the beautiful gloves you have supplied to all of our Debutantes. Our Ball mothers were thrilled to learn that you are adding Debutante Gifts & Accessories. You certainly are becoming a "One Stop Shop"! What a wonderful service you are providing to busy Debutante mothers."

"Thank you for making the task of shopping for gloves such a pleasure. We will find it easy to tell friends of your business and your enthusiasm for helping young ladies put their best "hand" forward."

"I never dreamed that I could find gloves to fit my husband - or ones that he would wear. Florentine Gloves was there to ensure I get the correct ones for our daughter's debutante party and he actually wore his gloves with pride. And, why not. They are absolutely beautiful."

"Many, many thanks! The Gloves are gorgeous - for both Debs and Dads!"

"Thank you for working with my daughter on the phone - the 6 1/2"s are a perfect fit! You do know your business and I will direct all Debs in our area to your web site. It is comforting to know we have such a reliable resource for gloves."

"Our local production company needed authentic, kidskin gloves for a period production and Florentine Gloves was there to help all cast members. The prices were affordable and the service was outstanding."

"Thank you for your prompt and personal customer service. The last time I purchased gloves it took me many phone calls and a trip to the D.C. suburbs to obtain a pair. I will do my best to promote your wonderful business."

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