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Caroline Sozzi, President
Columbia, South Carolina

Phone: (803) 790-7221

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Phone: (803) 790-7221

Q: I need my gloves quickly. Can I have them in time for my gala?
A: Priority Mail usually arrives in 2 to 3 days. Florentine gloves offers immediate delivery. For overnight delivery, orders must be received by 12:00 noon. Eastern Standard Time. Additional Charges apply. Please confirm by telephone (803) 790-7221.

Q: What if I order the wrong size?
A: Unworn, unstretched gloves may be returned for exchange. If help is needed calculating the correct size, please contact or call (803) 790-7221.

Q: How do I figure the right size to fit my hands?
A: To measure your glove size: Hold your hand as if you're shaking hands - fingers together and pointed straight ahead - thumb pointed up at your nose
(thumb is not part of the measurement). Measure around the knuckles of your hand (not counting the thumb). The result in inches is your glove size.

Q: Do I order the long or the short gloves for my event?
A: Choose the glove length based on the type of dress worn. When wearing a
long-sleeved gown, wear Wrist Length Gloves. The Mid-Forearm Length Gloves
should be worn when wearing a short-sleeved gown. Opera Length Gloves are
the appropriate gloves to wear when a sleeveless or strapless gown is worn.

Debutante Gloves
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